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Q1. Many types of back-up technologies exist including disk to disk and disk to tape libraries. Given that tape has been around for many decades, why have companies slowly continued to move away from it? Should they? Explain your answer.

Requirement: 600 Words.

Deadline: 12 Hours.

Q2. Exercise:

1.  Research server clustering technology used in a data center.

2.  Describe the benefits of using a virtual tape library over a physical tape library.

Requirement: One and Half Page


Q3. Exercises:

i.  When describing a system, explain why you may have to start the design of the system architecture before the requirements specification is complete.

ii.  Assume that the Mentcare system is being developed using an object-oriented approach.  Draw a use case diagram showing at least six possible use cases for this system.

a.  (Only a UML is required for this question)


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