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Using the language in which you have chosen to focus: C#, Java, Web Development languages (PHP and JavaScript), please complete the following assessment:

In this hypothetical scenario, you will create a program that will allow a student to register for certification classes in HVAC. The school offers a $150 discount if the student signs up for twenty or more unit-hours. Students may also pay the tuition costs over a twelve-month period.

Assessment Requirements

  1. Your program should declare variables using the appropriate data types to store the following string values.

    Name: “John Smith”Address: “101 N. Main Street”City: “AnyTown”State: “TX”Units Taken: “19”

  2. For the price per unit, declare a constant numeric variable to contain the decimal value 100.50.
  3. For the twenty unit-hour discount, declare a constant numeric variable to contain the whole number 150.
  4. Convert the string value for Units Taken to an integer data type andplace the converted numeric value into a separate numeric variable.

    Hint: Use the same name but add the prefix ‘int’ such as intUnitsTaken.

  5. Using the increment operator, increment the variable above by 1 so that the value 19 will now be 20.
  6. Multiply the constant variable for price per unit by the units taken and place the answer in a variable named tuition.
  7. Subtract the constant discount value from tuition and store the answer in a variable named afterDiscount.
  8. Divide the discounted tuition by 12 and store the answer in a variable named monthlyPayment.
  9. Finally, your program will display the following data using the respective variables for each item:NameAddressCityStateZip CodeNumber of units taken (numeric value that was incremented)Tuition before discountTuition after discountMonthly PaymentInclude labels for each item as shown in expected output. Format the tuition values and monthly payment as currency.EXPECTED OUTPUTName: John SmithAddress: 101 N. Main StreetCity: AnytownState: TXZip Code: 11111The number of units taken is: 20The tuition before discount is $2,010.00The tuition after twenty-unit discount is $1,860.00Your monthly payment is $155.00

Directions for Submitting Your Assessment

The source code file is the file in your project that contains the code you wrote. You will only need to submit the source code file for your program and not the entire project folder or any additional project files. Below are listed the file extensions for the source code file for each language:

.cs file for C#

.java file for Java

.php and.js files for web development

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