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  • Develop a detailed presentation or an essay that describes and explains the SCRUM software development framework. Include the following components:
    • Key SCRUM Processes – Planning, Review, Retrospective, Daily SCRUM/standup meeting
    • Key SCRUM concepts/components, to include at a minimum:
      • User story
      • Story board
      • sprint/iteration
      • velocity
      • “potentially shippable”
      • visibility
      • self-organization
    • Major roles in SCRUM – SCRUM Master, Product Owner, development team member
    • Key SCRUM artifacts – Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog, Burndown Chart
  • If you choose to compile a presentation, include a visual diagram to illustrate the SCRUM process.

Assignment 3.1 Deliverable:

  • Presentation guidelines:
    • Presentations should have a professional appearance, with well-developed content.
    • Length should be 7 to 10 slides, using PowerPoint.
  • Essays should be at least 450, but not more than 600 words.
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