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This assignment will help you continue your exploration of the Java programming language and the Eclipse environment. This will help prepare you for the tasks you need to complete when you assume the role of developer in Module Five. You will be asked to run an existing program and then make small changes to customize it.


To continue your exploration of the Java programming language and the Eclipse environment, you will modify an existing program to fulfill a user story. To do this, run the program provided and then make your changes by completing the following steps:

  1. Modify an existing program to fulfill a user story.
    1. Review the following user story from the Product Owner for the SNHU Travel project:
      User Story Number: 1 User Story Name: Top Five Destination List User Story Size: Medium User Story Value Statement: As an end user, I want to click a link to view the top five destinations list, so that I can see the most popular locations for travel to educate myself on the best places to go.
Acceptance Criteria: Ability to click link that takes user to a page displaying top destinations. Ordered list of destinations from the most popular location to the fifth-most popular. Each destination on the list will have the following attributes shown: destination name, destination short description (one sentence), destination picture, text with embedded link to take user to top-selling travel package for that location.
    2. Download the BasicListViewControl JAR file and run it. This will allow you to see the template before you make customizations.
    3. Import the BasicListViewControl ZIP file to a new project in your Eclipse IDE. For help with importing a ZIP file to Eclipse, review the Uploading Files to Eclipse Tutorial.
    4. Using the source code given, update the simple list to your top five chosen destinations. Include the destination title, a short description, and a small image for each. This will help ensure that you have fulfilled the acceptance criteria of the user story. Refer to the Developing Basic ListView Control Tutorial to help you with this task.
  1. Add images and additional customizations.
    1. Add images for each destination and at least one additional customization, color scheme, or the like to make the control as elaborate as you want. Be sure to include clear and concise comments to explain your changes.
    2. Finally, add a label with your name on it.

Guidelines for Submission

Export your Eclipse Java Project to an executable JAR file. This will include the source code and the image files so the full basic ListView control can run. Submit the JAR file.

Note: For additional instructions on how to create an executable JAR file, watch the following video: SNHU Export Files to JAR (1:15). A transcript is available here: SNHU Export Files to JAR Video Transcript.


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