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Continue the BCP: Conduct Software Development Life Cycle Assessment

Now that you have completed an assessment of the software development life cycle, you will research open source, commercial, and internally developed software methodologies available to the organization to fulfill future software assurance needs and expectations. You will use this information to develop your one-page Software Development Matrix, a component of the BCP.

Using this software development matrix template, develop and submit a matrix that compares and contrasts open-source, commercial, and internally developed software development methodologies. Evaluate each alternative to help inform your final recommendation. Consider cost, software assurance needs and expectations, software assurance objectives, and a software assurance coding and development plan. This matrix will provide options to be considered for evaluation of maintenance in the next step and will also be used in your final project briefing, with a look at improving the process for the future.

Your designated team member should submit the matrix for review and feedback. In addition to the BCP, the matrix will be included in the cyber operations and risk management briefing, which you develop later in the project.

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