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Use the following outline for your paper. The length of this case study is not to exceed two pages (double spaced, font size = 12, font = Arial narrow). Your table and list of references are not included in the page limit.

Analysis and evaluation – of your company versus one rival competitor.

  • Create tables (revenue, COGS, net profit, ROE, D/E, and stock price) for both companies (your company and a rival) and include data from the last five years. Use page 5 and page 2 of the BSG Footwear Industry Report to collect the financial data for your company and a competitor. Collect the data for the last five years of the game.
  • Remember to look at COGS and Profit as a % of Rev. What are significant issues or disparities between your company and chosen competitor? Remember to quantify changes you observe (% change) and name the time period.
  • What conclusions can we draw after reviewing the financial data? After reviewing this data, describe a major problem. Identify and explain the symptoms that point to the problem.
  • Pick one solution and explain your reasoning. What are the pros and cons for this alternative?
  • If you had $10k to invest, Which company would you invest in? Explain.

Don’t plagiarize.

Each case will be evaluated based upon:
Clarity of writing
Insight – ‘a-ha!’ experiences, what did you discover?
Relevance – Why/How is this important?


Some Rubric

Some Rubric

Criteria Ratings Pts
Clarity of Writing
75.0 ptsFull Marks 0.0 ptsNo Marks
75.0 pts
10.0 ptsFull Marks 0.0 ptsNo Marks
10.0 pts
Insight, what did you discover? Relevance / Why or How is this important?
65.0 ptsFull Marks 0.0 ptsNo Marks
65.0 pts
Total Points: 150.0


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