Strategic Research Presentation


Assignments: 1. “Strategic Research Presentation” Individual PowerPoint File: 25% of final grade You will upload a narrated PowerPoint presentation file as outlined below. Sample presentations from previous classes are posted in Resources. The PowerPoint File will be submitted via Campus Web to the “Turnitin” originality software program. You may choose any corporation other than your APA Paper Corporation. For this assignment the Board of Directors (Board) of your chosen corporation seeks an independent review of their current strategic plans. You have been hired by the Board to present a concise strategy analysis at the next quarterly board meeting. Your compensation is 100 points (your maximum grade) for the presentation file. The board expects a complete and thorough presentation file. A 2 – 3 Minute Video of a current event about your chosen corporation will be included. Your video must connect to either a strategy model topic that was available in the ONLINE class or a strategy model topic developed from your own independent research. The strategy model topic must be different from the topic you used for your APA paper. Try to choose a video that is fun to watch! Have fun with this assignment! You will then present original custom PowerPoint slide(s) that connect the video to the Strategy Model that was chosen above. Note: Videos must show the corporation, not the strategy model!! You cannot makeup points for the oral presentation file. The PowerPoint file is to be uploaded to Campus Web Coursework via Turnitin prior to the due date for full credit. The minimum expected format for the PowerPoint Presentation file would be as follows. • Opening Slide Table of Contents o Example: “P. F. Chang – Marketing Video and Illustration B” • Current Event Video Related to Your Corporation o Your Current Event o 2 to 3 Minute Video of the current event. o Video may be either:  embedded in the slide or  a link to the video provided • Strategy Model Topic: Custom Chart or Table Connecting the Video to Your Corporation o Connect the Video to Your Strategy Model o Using a Diagram, Chart, or Table customized to the video. • Conclusion – Summarizes the Presentation. • References – Be sure each reference is properly cited. Things to Remember for Your PowerPoint Presentation File: • PowerPoint Slides Relevant to the Current Events and Strategy Topics. o Professionally Prepared “Board of Directors” Quality Slides o Diagrams, Charts, Tables Customized to the Corporation • Presentation file Connects the Chosen Video to the Company Do not just provide a generic topic discussion; tie it to your corporation! • Presentation file Clear, Well Explained, No Spelling Errors • Narration is clear, professional, and connected to the topic. • Acceptable Turnitin results must be obtained for full credit on any portion. Grading Criteria for Oral Presentation file Minimum Slides Max Points Table of Contents 1 5 Current Event Video Related to Your Corporation 1 30 Strategy Model Topic: Custom Chart or Table – Connecting the Video to Your Corporation 1 40 Conclusion – Summarizes the Presentation file; This is what you would have said in a live class presentation 1 10 References – Each reference will be properly cited. 1 5 ONE PowerPoint File Uploaded per Before Due Date 10 Total 5 100 Not Narrated -30 Unacceptable Turnitin Results Deduction ?

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