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Learning Activity #2: Interview Process Response

Read the scenario provided below.

Janet has come for free counseling at the clinic where you work. She wants to get some information and advice. Janet is a 21-year-old single female who lives with her boyfriend and his sister in New York City. She and her boyfriend have lived together since she was 18. Janet’s parents were divorced when she was eight and her mother gained full custody of Janet and her siblings. Since Janet’s father used marijuana, visitations were limited and stopped when Janet was 10. Janet began drinking at age 15 and smoking marijuana at age 17. She dropped out of high school with one semester left before graduation. Janet’s boyfriend introduced her to cocaine and has kept her supplied since she moved in with him. When they can’t afford cocaine they both combine a minimum of five beers with Valium to relax. Janet has noticed lately that her breasts are swollen and tender and she hasn’t had a period in 12 weeks. She is pretty sure she is pregnant but doesn’t want to stop cocaine, Valium, and alcohol use. She is seeking advice from you as to what to do in regard to having the baby because she isn’t prepared to give up drugs.

Write a response based on the following instructions.

  • Provide 7-10 interview questions for the case study provided. Be sure the questions address the components as noted in Chapter 2 of your Herdman textbook.
  • Then design a one-page client screening form and consider Global Criteria 1-5 in Chapter 2 of your Herdman textbook.

Objective 2: Break down the screening process to determine appropriate admission need and assessment need.

There are five global criteria in the screening process. The criteria help the clinician focus on asking the appropriate questions during the screening process and aid in determining the appropriate needs of the client. They also note if the client may need to be referred elsewhere. With thorough screening the client’s needs are met expeditiously.

Learning Activity #3: Screening Process Response

Based on the interview questions and screening form you created from the previous activity, write a 1-2 page response that determines the needs of the client. Pay particular attention to Chapter 5 in your Herdman textbook.

Acting as a client, respond to interview questions.

Acting as a clinician, be sure to do the following.

  • Fill in the screening form based on the responses to the interview questions.
  • Determine admission need.
  • Determine assessment need.
  • Provide a rationale for client eligibility or ineligibility and assessment need based on information obtained on the screening form.

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