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For the team project, I would like you to research and form some opinions on the effect that COVID19 has on medial supply chains (exam gloves, masks, critical PPE, etc).  What does the world-wide supply chain look like? And, what are specific recommendation on what the United States should be doing to address the current supply chain challenges. For the 250 points, here is how you will be graded: 125 points on your powerpoint slides (no more than 8 slides).  How organized are they?  Do they incorporate what we learned in this class?  Make sure you have an executive summary slide; and that you cover the issues in the supply chain (world-wide) and specific recommendations on what the United States should be doing to address the current supply chain challenges.  Please make sure to use data to make your points throughout your presentation.  You should have at least 5 unique sources which you can use an extra slide for if necessary (for total of slide 9).  I also should see at least five references to what we have studied throughout the semester. 125 points on your Executive summary (no more than 2 pages).  You will use the same research and write an executive summary that is not longer than 2 pages.  I will cover executive summary writing this week during our live class session.  This writing style is suppose to be concise and pointed; so make sure you get your research and recommendations done clearly and in a well-organized, easy to read fashion.   Below is a Bloomberg podcast on this topic that will get you started.  It starts about 7 minutes into the podcast.

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