Support of Ideas/Critical Analysis


The conclusion(s) reached were correct and supported research.

References are primarily peer reviewed professional journals or other approved sources.

  • Sensor technology for smart human-care services by applying Big Data techniques
  • Implementation of Deep learning techniques for Sensor Technology in IoT
  • IoT systems analysis, modeling, and simulation using Big Data
  • IoT technologies and applications in eHealth using Data Mining
  • Data and knowledge mining for smart human-care services through sensors
  • IoT solutions for well-being and active aging using Data Mining techniques
  • Energy-efficient IoT Big Data acquisition techniques
  • Privacy and security related to IoT and Big Data
  • IoT and Big Data analytics on energy-constrained platforms
  • Optimization, control, and automation of sensor-based IoT applications using Data Mining
  • IoT and Big Data programming model
  • Architecture and protocols for IoT and Big Data
  • Emerging sensor-based, hardware architectures for IoT and Big Data
  • Smart cities and systems using Big Data
  • IoT Big Data storage and processing techniques
  • Fault-tolerant and redundant systems for IoT by applying Data Mining
  • IoT based on various types of sensors.
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