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Students will conduct interviews with 5 people asking the questions listed below in a 4-5 page essay. APA citations & references are not required but a cover page, should be included in APA format. Be sure to carefully proofread your paper for errors in spelling and grammar before submitting. When you write the paper, please list the questions first followed by the answer. Separate the question and answer. Identify the question this way: Q1…….Q8. Do not share the respondent’s name. Identify them as For each of the people interviewed include a heading that identifies the person as Respondent 1, Respondent 2 etc. like the following example: Respondent 1 Q.1 What is Sociology? On the next line type the answer like this: A 1. “Sociology is the study of society and its various parts.” All good interviewers ask follow up questions based on the answer to the question like this Q 1a. Can you describe what you mean by parts of society? A1a. “By parts I mean things like education, entertainment, family.” Note: all responses should be put between quote marks. Q 2. Can you explain what sociologists do? A 2. ” I guess you would say that sociologist study society.” Q 2a. How do they go about that? A2a. “Probably by interviewing people like you are doing and maybe they do research.” Most of your respondents will probably not give you informed answers like this. The key for good interviewing is not to let the respondent off the hook. If they give a short answer like “I really don’t know” ask them to take a guess or give them a hint. like “Well since you stated they study parts of society in the first question, do you can think of some of the reasons why they may study the family?” Continue with the rest of the questions like that. After all of the questions & responses are typed, start a new section with a heading entitled Conclusion. In he conclusion you summarize what you learned from the interview like this. Some of the respondents had a basic sociology class in college but still had a hard time answering some of the questions. For instance, they did not know etc. Pick what you think are the most important takeaways from the interviews. . What is Sociology? Can you explain what sociologists do? The family is often called the basic unit of society. What are your opinions about the family in the 21st century? Sociologists also study crime in society. What is the state of crime in your town? Sociologists also study marriage. What are your opinions about cohabitation versus marriage? One of the big social issues of our day is the top 1% versus the 99%. People like Bill Gates or Jeff Bozos are billionaires. How do you feel about that? Because of the Covid-19 millions of people are out of work. Many are starting to demand they be allowed to safely return to work. How would you deal with that if you were in charge? What do you think are the 3 most important social issues of the 21st. century? Finish the paper with a Conclusion section that summarizes what was learned from the interview. By the end of the conclusion section, explain if your respondents were optimistic or pessimistic about society in the 21st. century? An APA formatted cover page is as follows: In the header, flush left type Running head: SURVEY in upper case like here. I the header flush right include the page number as 1, 2, 3, …….. 12 if it takes 12 pages. No p or page is used. Just the number itself. And then centered about 1/3 the way down, double spaced type. The title of the paper. Survey is fine or Assignment one. What every you decide to call it. Your name Wilmington University This is the format that should be used for all APA compliant papers.

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