T cell development and activation

Ch 8 T cell development
Where is the site of early T-cell precursor development? Where is the site of T cell development?
What are the different stages of development? What stage does TCR rearrangement occur? What stage does negative selection occur? What stage does positive select occur?
What are possible TCR combinations? (It needs two chains) Which one is more common?
If cells express _____ they are committed to the T cell lineage. Why do they NOT commit to the T cell lineage prior to transport to the thymus?
During the DN stages, what changes to expression of c-Kit, CD44, and CD25 occur?
What are the possible outcomes when T cells encounter these self-peptide/MHCs i.e. auto-reactive?
Prior to SP stage, DP thymocytes can become different cells. What cells?
What are peripheral mechanisms of tolerance?

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