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Part I.

1. Describe your target audience current perception and behavior.Please describe in detail.

Ex – demon, psycho, etc.

Part II.

1. Write down your target audience “a day in life “in detail. That means from the moment your target audience wakes up until he/she goes to sleep.

What are his/her activities for the day?(Both weekday and weekend)

2. Identify effective brand contact points for the target (brand touch points) and explain them with examples

Hint: think about time, place, situations and feeling to tell your brand message for the consumers.


6:00 am wake up

6:10 am shower

6: 30 ambreakfast while watching TV 3 morning

news and skimming Thai Rat newspaper.

7:00 am take a green ferry to work

7:10 am stop by at night mkt to buy some snacks

8:15 ammeeting with the supervisor

9:00 ambe at the assigned area

Detail here

7:30 pm dinner

Detail here …….

12:00midnight go to bed


8:00 am wake up

Detail here…….

1:00 am go to sleep

Please choose your product (existing or imaginary does not matter)

This is the product that you would like to market toward your chosen target market

Current perception and behavior

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