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1.How do geographers use technology? Write one to two paragraphs in which you discuss vatious technical tools and how they help geographers better understand and explain the human and physical world. 2.In the quote below, Mecah McCarty, chair of the Makah Tribe in Neah Bay, Washington , comments on recent droughts that have affected Makah lands. Write a short essay explaining how climate change is affecting the Makah and explaining three other ways in which climate change can affect human populations. “The salmon could not go upstream because there wasn’t enough water. If we experience more and more of these events, what are we going to do to adopt?”-Eric Niller, “Climate Change First Responders: Native Americans,”2012 3. How do latitude, elevation, wind, water, and landform affect Earth’s climate? Explain the relationship in a paragraph or two supported by details. 4. Why is technology not the answer to all question of interest to geographers? Write an essay to explain what other kinds of information geographers need that may to be collected by low-tech means. 5. Read the excerpt below and complete the prompt that follows: As he approached the end of his flight in Earth orbit in 1962, John H. Glennremarked:”I can see the whole state of Florida just laid out like on a map.” Anumber of astronauts, andthen all of us who saw the photography from space, marveled at how much the Florida peninsula, the meandering Mississippi, the islands of Britain, the boot of Italy, or any of the geographical shapes resemled the maps everyone had grown up with. We had taken it for granted that maps were faithful reflections of reality, yet we were somehow amazed when reality turned out to be true to the maps. -John Noble Wilford, The Mapmakers, 2000 In the excerpt above, the author uses like “marveled” and ” amazed” to describe reactions in the first photographs of Earth taken from space. Using information from the excerpt write an essay in which you explain why people responded to these photographs in this way. Expalin how new technology has continued to give us different perspectives on the physical anf human geography of Earth.

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