The American and Chinese Narratives of Human Rights

The paper is to present briefly the basic aims of this policy to describe its evolution and to touch upon the contemporary challenges faced by it.

It should have around 3 000 words minimum – 3 500 words maximum (excluding references and bibliography) and must have the form of a scholarly paper.

Plagiarism: be aware that anything copied without quotation marks and references is treated as plagiarism. Paper with no reference will be rejected.

Requirements relating to a scholarly paper, such as providing evidence that supports your theses, statements and claims, as well as proper referencing. Bibliography should have a sufficient number of academic sources (at least 20)

Editing rules: title page; font, Times New Roman 12; margins, 2,5 cm; double space between verses; italics for book/periodical titles; single quotation marks, etc. The paper must be logically structured (introduction; the main body subdivided into paragraphs; conclusions) and meet the minimum language standards.

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