The basic cause of terrorism is the failure of governments in providing justice to the people- Discuss.


The final writing project will be worth 20% of your total course grade. Your essay paper should be around 2000 words (the main body of paper), not including a cover page (if you choose to use one) and bibliography/reference section.  Short essay will lose points for paper length. Remember, plagiarism is not acceptable. All papers must be submitted through Turnitin. It is advisable to seek assistance from the Writing Tutorial Services (WTS) to assist you with this important final paper.  The easiest way to get a good grade on this assignment is to begin now!  Learning to write effectively now will benefit you in future academic endeavors. The following rubric is provided as a guideline for grading: STRUCTURE:                                                                                                 POINT VALUE Appropriate sources selected (peer-reviewed)                                         10 Organization & clarity                                                                                               15 Content (are you making a valid argument)                                                 25 Analysis  of the evidence to support your conclusion                             25 Use of Citations (giving credit where it’s due)                                             10 Document formatting (margins, font, line spacing)                                    5          Citations (properly formatted)                                                                               5 Bibliography (References)                                                                                         5          Total Points:                                                                                                                     100

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