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Edit and Prepare a 1700-word minimum paper (excluding title page and references), that addresses the following regarding the selected product:   ·       The product’s expected life cycle. ·       The product’s development process. ·       The systems in place in manage for the quality and reliability of the product. ·       Describe the supply chain required to support the manufacturing of the product. ·       Describe the supply chain required for the product to be delivered to the customer. ·       Describe the systems in place to manage for reliability of the supply chain.   Illustrate both aspects of the supply chain with an imaging software tool of your choice.   In addition to course materials, research industry related journal and periodical articles written in the last five years in Deets Library and product related materials from the manufacturer on the Web.  At least three references for each objective in addition to course materials are required.  Hint: In addition to journals and periodicals relevant to the specific product, researching like products and the relevant industry may be helpful.  Note that APA format is required for this paper.  An abstract is not required and does not count toward the word count if provided.  Note:  I need your help with starting this paper with a good introduction, transitions words linking one topic to the next, and a great conclusion.  Explain PERTS (Project for Education Research that Scales) for topic.  Illustration is provided.

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