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Please choose one of the following discussion topics for this module/week. Please answer it as if it was you being asked to fulfill this task:

When you are posting a text-based thread, it must be substantive and a minimum of 250 words. (Remember this is discussion). Each thread must contain 3 APA style, peer-reviewed references. Current APA reference format is required for citations, and a reference list in current APA format is required at the conclusion of each thread.

Scenario 1: Carol Johnson wishes to begin teaching her high school algebra class online. She has decided that she needs to consider meeting with the students at the beginning of the experience, as they’ve had no opportunities to work in an online environment before. What are some of the organizational factors that Carol must consider when preparing to teach at a distance?

Scenario 2: Sam Collins has been teaching science courses for nearly 6 years. He is being encouraged to rework his courses into an online format. His teaching style in the classroom is well-received by both the students and the administration. What elements of class structure does Sam need to include when preparing to teach at a distance?

Scenario 3: John Burns is interested in starting to teach his Introduction to College Writing course online. He has heard that there are a number of things he will need to consider as he begins to think about this idea. Why is it necessary for John to determine resources available at distant sites when preparing to teach at a distance?

Scenario 4: Jane Williams has been asked to use the statewide video-conferencing system to teach state history to fifth graders in several rural communities. She has used the system for professional development opportunities, but has not used it with young learners. She is concerned because there are four sites to be included, and at two of the sites there will be three students. The other two sites will have only one student each. What factors does she need to consider when deciding to use a facilitator at a distant site?


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