The Encomienda system

Attached is file the questions. NO outside sources Everything must be cited with aouther page number or leacture. Complete senetences. Multiple sources are very encouraged, if not a must. Each ID term should be 200 words the essay questions should be NO more than 400

ID Terms




Excan Tlahtoloyan

Catholic Monarchs

Alfonso el Sabio(the learned)

Essay questions- no lees than 300 words no more than 400. your response should have a one senetence thesis that aswers the questions followed by information that establishes your agrument. Use at least three sources per response.

1 Compare the roles of women in Tiwantinsuyu and the triple alliance.

2 what were the differences and similatiresin the fifteenth-centuryexpansion of the Castilian kindgom, the Triple alliance, and Tiwantinsuyu?


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