As the U.S. was being formed as an independent nation there was a big disagreement between the Federalists and those who opposed them. Please refer to Chapter 6 and list at least three (3) differences between the kind of government the Federalists advocated and what the Anti-Federalists wanted. After submitting your post, I will send you two peer posts to respond to two submissions by other students.

first peer post :

There are so many differences between Federalists and Anti-federalists. Anti-federalists did not like the idea of centralized government because they thought that the federal government could be dictatorial and the federal government could raise the taxes in any way they wanted. Additionally, Antifederalists thought that the federal government could be limiting the liberties of its citizens. Federalists did not like the idea of the Antifederalist government because they thought that there would be a lack of centralized government and this could cause chaos, anarchy, and disorder. Antifederalists were very afraid of a strong government, especially one dominated by the wealthy. Federalists believed the Constitution was sufficient to protect individual rights. Anti-federalists believed the Constitution was not sufficient to protect individual rights. Anti-federalists supported that the states were free agents that should manage their own revenue but federalists favored central financial policies.

second peer post :

As we all know, there are multiple differences between Federalists and Anti- Federalists. The Federalists publicly announced that they wish to have a strong government and a strong executive branch. The Federalists believed that the Constitution was enough and they do not need a Bill of Rights. The Anti-Federalists wanted a weaker government, with a Bill of Rights. They believed that the government won’t actually bring people freedom unless it was written. “The Antifederalists argued that any government that centralized authority would inevitably produce despotism. Their demand for a bill of rights was a product of this belief: no government could be trusted to protect the liberties of its citizens; only by enumerating the natural rights of the people could there be any assurance that those rights would be preserved.” The Anti – Federalists also believed in the Bill of Rights because they believed that the constitution would follow through on making a strong, tyrannical, center of power in the new national government

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