The founding fathers with two different and distinct ideologies on how the new America should be formed. The relationship John Adams built will Holland to secure funds for the American Revolution. In relation to the new emerging government.


RESEARCH PAPER A scholarly research paper is required of all students upon a topic of your choosing within the time period (1500-1865) in this course. This paper will consist of between 5 to 7 pages of text, plus a title page, textual documentation and a bibliography, in an approved format. When it comes to format, I want all papers to reflect the specific requirements listed below. However, when it comes to the method of documentation: stick to the format you have selected [APA, MLA, CMS, Turabian, etc.]. The B.C. Library has a lot of information to help with documentation and searching. Check out its website and/or go there in person: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. A second source of even more information is the Purdue Online Writing Lab, found at: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Pay especial attention to the General Writing links and the Research and Citation links. PLEASE GO THERE- a LOT can be learned from it. Specific requirements for this paper are: 5 to 7 pages of your own textual writing, double-spaced, single-sided, and typed with 1” margins and font size of 10-12 pts only—5 pages means written from top to bottom of ALL 5 pages, not 4 and 1/8th pages of writing. If you define your topic and examine an issue that interests you, you’ll find you write more. A title page, documentation [endnote, footnote, parenthetic citation or in-source citation] and a bibliography [which do NOT count toward the minimum # of pages]. A title should be revelatory of your thesis. Use of 4-8 scholarly sources [only one may be an encyclopedia or a textbook], listed in an approved bibliographical format [APA, MLA, CMS are all acceptable]. Otherwise, all of your sources must be scholarly books or scholarly articles from BC’s digital sources, JSTOR, Lexus/Nexus, Ebsco-Host and the Gale Network. I encourage you to use JSTOR. When in doubt: come ask me. Proper documentation of information with appropriate citations throughout text. Proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar throughout the paper, written in an academic style. We all make mistakes, but do your best to catch any errors. Reading your work out loud helps with this. A title page consisting of: title of paper, student’s name, class name and crn [or day/time of class], instructor’s name, and date of submission. Pictures and style are at writer’s discretion. Your title should reflect your thesis and catch the attention of the reader. Recommended use of a PSAPreview the document Topic: You have free choice, as long as it satisfies these criteria: It must relate to the subject we are studying this semester. It must relate to the time-frame the course is covering. It must demonstrate the historical relevance/importance of the subject in an academic manner, in each paragraph. I will send you a guide on crafting argumentative research essays. This is not a report. Formulate a research question, and develop an argument. When you have a paper similar to the one due in this course, you’re fortunate to be able to select a topic of your choosing. Find something that interests you in your own life, and research it historically. For example, during my time teaching at the University of Notre Dame, many of my athletes researched the history of sports or masculinity, etc. Once you pick a topic, narrow it down by finding elements in the research with which you disagreed, were surprised by, or raised questions for you. For example, in an Early American History class like this, the topic of the rape of female slaves pervades discussions of slavery. I once had a student ask about the rape of male slaves, given rape is an act about power. She focused her paper on the topic of master-male-slave rape rather than slavery in general. Does that make sense? Find a way to make the topic interesting, relevant, and defined, so your research and what you have to say is manageable.

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