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Introduce: The future of software development will probably have one or more of the following characteristics:

1  Highly parallel 2  High level 3  Functional 4  Logic programming will make a comeback possible, certainly more declarative styles.



1.  Content

a. Write a 5-8 page paper in paragraph form and in complete, grammatically correct sentences (that is 5-8 pages of CONTENT, not including the title page and the references page).

b. Include an introductory paragraph that introduces the topic and a concluding paragraph that provides a high-level summary of your analysis

c. You must use at least FIVE references for your paper (one of these may be your course textbook). Provide all necessary citations for your work (Where did you get your information? Give credit throughout your paper and also in your references list at the end of your paper!).  It is better to have more than three references, but you must have at least three. At least two references must be peer reviewed (refereed) journal article.

2.  Format

a. Compose in a Microsoft Word document

b. Use Times New Roman 12 point font

c. Use double spacing

d. Use a separate title page with paper title, your name, course name, and date in APA style

e. Use a separate reference page at the end of your paper in APA style

f. Your references and paper should be in APA format (some helpful links are on the UNA’s Writing Center’s website and on the Collier Library’s website)

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