The Future of the Theatre


Essay Paper Due THURSDAY, July 25, 2020, 12:05 AM ESSAY Essay (1,100 words) Topic: The Future of the Theatre Will it continue to thrive, or will it be overcome by other forms of entertainment? In what ways should it change to reflect current cultural life? What aspects should remain the same? How much does the price of tickets affect attendance? Why do young people seem to avoid the theatre? What could the theatre do to attract young audiences? Guidelines: Essays should be typed and double-spaced in Times New Roman font with 1-ich margins. The citation format for papers Should be MLA style or another recognized, consistent academic format. Failure to follow a consistent and correct format will result in a loss of points for the assignment. Essays must be supported by a minimum of 5 sources. AT NO TIME MAY STUDENTS USE WIKIPEDIA AS A SOURCE FOR ESSAYS. Failure to fully and properly support essay arguments with source material will result in a loss of points for the assign. ESSAYS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY THE DUE DATE, OR THEY WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Any student who does not submit the essay by the due date will receive a Zero (0.00) for that assignment.

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