The Guilty Free v. The Incarcerated Innocent


In today’s society, “victims” are able to emerge from the darkness and admit that they initially lied about an event or events – that may have caused innocent men and/or women to be incarcerated or killed, and yet the “victims” receive little to no consequences. (1)Do you think this is fair? Should the “victims” themselves be incarcerated for their lies? (2)If so, what lies are justifiable to have “victims” incarcerated or merely arrested to stand trial? (3)Should the legislative branch create a law to make certain that “victims” that lie, suffer a consequence in return as if they committed a crime? (4)Or do you believe that the creation of a law of this sort will diminish the number of “victims” that come clean – deterring many from admitting their wrongful doings? (5)Why has the government not addressed this issue clearly and directly? To address this issue, write at least two paragraphs (5-9 scholarly sentences) in response. In the first section of your answer [paragraph(s)], address all of the questions asked above and form a definite argument and explain why you believe your argument is the legitimate. In the second section [paragraph(s)], assume that you are able to create a consequence for these types of “victims”. (1) What consequence(s) would you demand a “victim” receive as a response to his or her lies that took valuable time from an innocent life? Use Chapter 11 to specify your sanctions (probation, house arrest, community service, restitution, incarceration, etc.). (2)Explain the type of sanction, length of sanction, amount of restitution (if this is or part of the consequence), etc. (3)Lastly, explain why you chose the specific consequence(s) to address the issue at hand.

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