The Issues of Generational Cyber Risk Among Millennials.

The proposed grant writing project will be submitted to the below websites by me (Please do not submit on my behalf).

The link below is just for informational purposes.

This is a real grant proposal and must formal and innovative. In additon, THERE MUST BE NO PASSIVE VOICES AND PERSONAL STATEMENT (E.G, “YOU AND I”) IN THE PROJECT. THANK YOU.

Please read the instructions in its entirerity. The instructor does not want personal statements like YOU and I. In addition, it must not be in passive voice.

Attached is one of the assignment that I was able to complete by myself. Remember, this is a real grant project/ proposal. (Please see the attached in respect to no passive or personal wordings).

20190813044928leac_836_the_abstract_modupe_blessing_igbafen. (1) (1)


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