The Outcomes of the American Revolution

Prompt: Discuss the outcomes of the American Revolution. Who most benefitted from the Revolution, and why?

In your answer, you should consider and properly cite the readings, audio, and video for this week’s Unit. Your discussion will be evaluated using the rubric below.

Please reply to the following two discussions:

1. The collection of videos in this week’s unit, “A New Radical Idea,” by Dr. Carol Berkin, she illustrates the journey that women encountered after the American Revolution. The aftermath gave men undeniable power over women, land, money, and political rights. Men were seen as superior while women were simply seen as the stay at home mother who raised kids, cleaned the house, and made sure there was food on the table. Women were viewed as inferior beings compared to men, who were incapable of holding any other kind of responsibilities other than the ones previously stated. However, within time, women were given the opportunity to attend school. The main purpose was for them to learn and to then teach their kids the importance of patriotism and to help instill in them the value of it all. This opportunity was only offered to women of middle and upper class, and while it was a huge milestone for women to be allowed an education it also gave them the freedom to mingle and conversate with other women much like themselves. At the time, this notion proved to be radical however, it wasn’t enough. Women wanted more, they then demanded equality to men. The evolution of women going from being seen as accessories to men, wives, mothers, to becoming teachers of future generations and later on gaining the right to vote and be seen as an equal to the male species was about 70 years in the aftermath of the American Revolution.

2. According to Unit 6 videos, before the American Revolution, women were viewed as weak and dumb in the sense that they did not understand what was right and wrong. The assumption was that women’s destiny was to obey and help the husband. Everything including a woman’s body was owned by the husband. In the revolution, women proved themselves by being independent and choosing the side they want. After the revolution, women, and people, in general, were viewed as independents however women still did not have legal rights and political rights. Women were finally given the role to raise kids, not only nurture them when they are born, to be patriotic because the whole republic depended on the younger generation. Because of this, women started studying and they got an education to raise their kids. The rise of women’s education led to women protesting to have equal rights and opportunities. They wanted equal treatment and equal opportunities. They wanted to be their own person and be equal to men.
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