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The fairy tale of a woman named Cinderella has been told for many many years and in multiple different versions. These multiple versions of Cinderella share a basic common set of characters and details. Those are a girl who is an orphan, has two step-siblings that are mean and a happy ending for the orphan. The two readings that we will be looking at are The Brothers Grimm “Aschenputtel”, and “The Algonquin Cinderella”. These two fairy tales share the same common story of a girl who finds a happy ending, but of course, having other characters interfere along the way. We will compare the two fairy tales to how they relate to violence or gore within each story, how women are portrayed, and how nature relates is used between both fairy tales

First off, in both “Aschenputtel”, and “The Algonquin Cinderella”, they both show factors of violence or gore in some sort of way. In Brothers Grimms version it states “ She could not get her great toe into it, for the shoe was to small; then her mother handed her a knife and said cut the tow off”. (Grimm 187). In this version of Cinderella we read that one of the step daughters try to put the shoe on for the prince but comes to the conclusion of cutting her toe off. This is gory and violent action the the mother and stepdaughter do. When she does so the princes says, “ There is blood on her shoe: the shoe is too small- not the right bride at all”. (grimms 187). In the story the step sister takes a very violent action in order to just to be with the prince but does not end the way she intended.

In “The Algonquin Cinderella” the same type of self harm or harm is seen in this story as well. “ But the wicked sister would burn her hands and feet with hot cinders, and she was covered with scars.” (Algonquin Cinderella 193). This section from the reading shows us how violent the stepsister acts upon Cinderella by burning her hands and feet. That is extreme especially for a fairy tale but this type of abuse or self harm is seen within both reading of the theme of Cinderella. She is further treated badly by the people around her that call her “ Oochigeaskw, the rough faced girl.” But with all the violent and mistreat ment in both stories of Cinderella the main characters are not struck down the mistreatment and violence but are strong and dont give up easy. Which is a great message for young kids or anyone really reading theses versions of Cinderella.

Furthermore, In both versions their is a similaritie of how these main characters are portrayed with in each story. In Grimms version “ Out upon her for a kitchen maid!” They took away her pretty dresses, and put on her an old gray kirtle and gave her wooden shoes to wear” (Grimm 183). This quote represents what mostly every Cinderella story tells about her in the beginning of her story. As Grimms describes her as a “kitchen maid”, it shows how Cinderella is represented and how she is perceived within her family and people around her. Grimm adds “She always looked dusty and dirty, they named her Aschenputtel.” (Grimms 183). The story further shows how she is perceived within the story and is a common similarity throughout all variations of Cinderella stories.

In “The Algonquin Cinderella” this story also adds a representation of Cinderella and how she is perceived upon. “ She was so marked that people called her Oochigeaskw, rough faced girl”. (The Algonquin Cinderella 193). With the peopl around her calling her this nickname o “rough faced girl” the author represents Cinderella as a girl that is being portrayed as a outsider and not positively looked at. In addition, the story adds “ Oochigeaskw, who had always gone barefoot, got a pair of her fathers moccasins, old ones and put them into water to soften them so that she could wear them”. (Tha Algonquin Cinderella 193). In both fairy tale versions of Cinderella They portray these characters mainly the same. Such as poor, dirty, rough looking, and in a way a servant to the family. But with these characters being portrayed this way in each story it builds these characters and throughout the story shows them progressing and not letting what situation or what they look like define then and that is especially true towards the end these stories.

Lastly to compare these two stories, each one of them show a similarity of nature and how the Cinderellas in these stories interact with nature and how nature interacts with them. In Grimms version he writes, “ Little tree, little tree, shake over me. That silver and gold may come down upon me.” this shows Aschenputtel talking to the tree where her mothers grave is and the story adds, “ Then the birds cast down a dress, the like of which had never seen”. (Grimms 186). This representation of Aschenputtel and her interaction with nature shows us that she has a strong connection with nature and its beings. Such as the birds casting down a dress is a major example of this and these birds help her to dance with the prince. For this shows how strong and really connected she is to nature even though she is represented and seen badly when it comes to her own family and people around her.

In the story of Oochigeaskw, nature does have a big part within her story. Such as, “ poor little thing went into the woods and got herself some sheets of birch wood bark, form which she made a dress”. ( The Algonquin Cinderella 194). This quotes shows how in this story how the forest in a way gave her what she needed to make herself a dress. Compared to Aschenputtel the tree gave her what she needed inorder to be wih the prince and that was a dress. Between the two versions of Cinderella the forest plays a big part in the characters development and nature is a recurring development and topic in not just these two stories of Cindeella but within other versions of Cinderella.

Overall, Both stories of Cinderella have many, many overlapping key details and developments. From Aushenputtels story of her step sister harming her self the fit in the slipper. To how Oochigeaskw’s step sister harming her and leaving her with scars and burns on her face. These two stories shared many different types of comparisons but within these two we were able to compare Violence or self harm inorder to characters within each fairy tale. How these main characters are represented with in ones story and how nature shows itself as a key factor in these two fairy tales of Cinderella. From having Aushenputtel and Oochigeaskw benign represented as poor, dirty, and basically house maids. Too having nature be able to give these two characters the tools or dresses they need inorder to win the prince over and within these two stories they successfully do. With that ending even though it might be seen as sexist i think of it as one version of how women are strong and can really push through hardship to become successful and truly happy.





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