the production process of that good or service

Assume the role of an Operations manager in Hero Motocorp Ltd.. In the last top management meeting the outgoing CEO requested that you make a report introducing the operations function to the incoming CEO, who is new to the organisation. He has specifically requested that you include the following two parts in your report:
An overview of operational activities, including:
–      Technology used in the production of goods/service
–      the key performance objectives of operations
–      and a brief overview of the supply chain network and/or any key business processes that are outsourced.
First part of question is-
An overview of operational activities, including:
1.      the type of good or service that the company provides (including a summary of the order qualifiers and order winners of those goods/services and the related operations strategy)
2.      the production process of that good or service.
Task 1 should consist of an overview of the main goods or services the organisation produces and their key characteristics from an operational perspective (when the range of products that the organisation produces is broad or diverse, focus on the main goods/services or families of goods or services). You should explain how these goods or services are produced, the current technology used (referring to the transformation model and the production process types) and why it is done in that way. You should also include some comments on how the performance of the production process is measured and identify key supply chain partners who provide goods or services that are crucial to the goods or services that your organisation offers in the market. The intention of this part is to provide the new CEO with a brief yet comprehensive overview of the operations function. The task also requires you to reflect on and explain how the operations function works (or should work) as part of the organisation as a whole. In other words, how the function integrates and collaborates with the other business functions so that the organisation best serves the needs of the customers and does so in the most cost-efficient manner.

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