The super-orindate identity promotes intergroup empathy

How does the dual identity model (DIM) capitalize on both the beneficial effects of the common ingroup identity model and the mutual intergroup differentiation model?
[note: more than one answer may be correct]
Group of answer choices
A)The sub-group identity reduces anxiety in the contact scenario
B)The super-ordinate identity recategorizes outgroup members as part of the ingroup
C)Keeping sub-group identities allows individuals to keep identities that are important to them
D)Keeping sub-group identities salient should facilitate generalization to new outgroup members not necessarily included in the contact scenario
E)The DIM emphasizes both important sub-group identities (e.g., a person’s ethnic identity) while highlighting a common, superordinate identity
F)The DIM reduces the reliance on sub-ordinate identities in favour of a sole superordinate identity
The super-orindate identity promotes intergroup empathy
The DIM statest to first decategorize identities before making group identities salient in the contact scenario

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