The theory of job design

Discuss why the theory of job design suggests jobs should be ‘internally or intrinsically motivating’. Explain how any THREE of the five core job characteristics of (1) skill variety (2) task identity (3) task significance (4) autonomy, and (5) feedback, can contribute to intrinsic job motivation.

Outline of response:

· Define intrinsic motivation (see p. 163 for definition of internal motivation)

· Describe & explain 3 of the core job characteristics (pp. 162-164):

o Skill variety means …

o Task identity means …

o Task significance means …

· Provide examples of each of the 3 to further explain/evaluate:

o For example, skill variety can increase a person’s intrinsic/internal motivation because the number of activities in a job increases. This means there is likely to be less boredom and the employee is likely to feel the job is more meaningful …

· Continue to explain how the remaining two can increase intrinsic/internal motivation

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