The World of Epictetus Assignments Custom Assignments Help

No MLA style required. No sources needed. Opinion based. Extremely short responses is all that is required.

Read the following article: “The World of Epictetus” by, Vice Admiral James Stockdale, USN and answer all the following questions:

  1. In his years in confinement and torment, Stockdale relied upon the stoic philosophy of Epictetus. Is Stoicism primarily a philosophy for critical and extreme situations? If not, how does it apply in ordinary life?
  2. How does Stockdale define personal integrity? Does this conform to your idea of personal integrity? How did readings in history and philosophy help Stockdale retain his dignity and integrity under great stress?
  3. Discuss the case of the officer who betrayed his fellow prisoners. Stockdale attributes this to a character fault. Could a proper moral education of the kind Stockdale advocates have prevented it?
  4. What does Stockdale’s article tell us about the importance or unimportance of a formal training in ethics? Is great fiction more valuable for moral development?…

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