Themes and Poetics


Pick at least three poems from these links and analyze what makes them meaningful (their themes) and how that meaning is made poetic—its similarities to a color slide, a buzzing hive, an experimental maze, or a dim room. The prompt: What shared themes do these three poems develop? How do the writers develop those themes? Use evidence from at least three poems by at least two poets to develop the analysis. All poems chosen should be written after 1920. At least two of the poems must be from after 1970, with one of the poems coming from after 2010. All three poems, of course, can be written after 2010. Requirements:  Offer a clear interpretation of the themes as you see them, supported by a discussion of how a pattern within the texts develops that idea.  Be sure to use textual evidence from the poems in putting this together.  Use at least one outside secondary source to develop a complex perspective on the theme or on the poems.  Write a title that comes from the ideas in your paper.  Use MLA format (Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, 1” margins) and parenthetical citations.  Write at least 1600 words but no more than 2200. A works cited page does not count toward your word count but should be included. Links for the poems you can choose from:

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