Theological issues at the foundation of Christian ethics.


Mattison pp. 134-140 and 290-310 on the virtue of charity and justice on the norms of love and justice. This week deals with theological issues at the foundation of Christian ethics. In your five-page essay describe the content of your readings in a detailed essay, then answer the following questions. Note: There are two parts. First, a detailed discussion of all the readings above. Then, answer the questions. What is the importance of friendship for ethics? What is the virtue of charity? What does it mean that charity is the “form” of the virtues? Why is it important that charity is an act of the will? What are the major definitions of love? How does love function as a norm for Christian ethics? Reflect on the section on Justice (134-140) based upon this reading and your knowledge of Scripture in the question: “What is the biblical idea of justice?” How do we see justice in the life of Jesus? What forms of injustice did Jesus confront? (These questions are thought questions. Reflect on the questions and draw up your knowledge of Jesus in the gospels). This week we read about the important norms of love and justice for ethics. Which one has priority for you – love or justice? Which one has a greater influence on your personal and social ethics? Can they both equally shape our ethics? Do love and justice ever come into conflict with one another?

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