In this Analysis Essay, you will be projecting your critical reading skills and your knowledge of Critical Theories
learned in this course by analyzing 2 texts (of your choice from what we have discussed) in terms of 2 theories/
themes. That is to say, you will choose 2 texts from the list and will discuss how both can be analyzed using the
2 theories/ themes.


1. Choose any 2 stories (from the 4 we read for this class). This will be your PRIMARY SOURCES in the analysis Essay.
Here are the PRIMARY SOURCES to choose from:
• “The Lottery”
• “Two Kinds”
• “The Story of an Hour”
• “The Chaser”
You will be writing an analysis paper comparing the 2 stories in terms of 2 themes/ theories.
2. Choose any 2 Theories/ Themes (terms) that could be applied/ used to analyze the 2 stories you chose.

Here are the Critical Theories and Themes/ terms to choose from:

• Semiotics: Denotative/Connotative/ Symbolic meaning (De Saussure’s and Pierce’s theories)
When analyzing from the semiotic perspective, consider the meaning of the titles, some words/ phrases from the text and/or
the names of the characters in the stories, and their denotative/connotative meaning in the context of the text.
• Irony:
If any meaning (of the title, characters’ names, or words/phrases/ideas from the stories you chose are used ironically
• Ideologies/ Power, Privilege, Control gained through certain beliefs/ traditions, through social
status and/or education, knowledge, or certain skills (Marx’s theory)
• Capitalism: Competition, American Dream, Hero Motif, Commodification; Colonial Subject
When analyzing from this perspective, you may consider if the characters in your chosen stories hold any power and have
certain privileges among others based on their social status, gender, educational level, knowledge, or any skill that the
characters possess. You may also consider if the characters can be related to any type of capitalist ideologies or are
colonial subject vs. colonizer.
• ISA/RSA: control via ideologies and repression (Althusser’s theory)
When analyzing from this perspective, you may consider the character(s) from your chosen texts are acting as the “state
apparatus” meaning if they are the ones imposing ideologies, rules, beliefs or are using any type of punishment methods
upon others/ “the disobedient.” Or are your characters the obedient/they the one following the pre-set ideologies, rules, are
being punished for deviating from those expectations?
• Gender expectations in Patriarchal society and/or from Feminist perspectives
• “The Cult of the True Womanhood”
When analyzing from this perspective, you may consider if there are gender expectations imposed by society in your
chosen stories. If your character(s) abide by any expected gender roles. You may consider their lifestyle, profession,
appearance, behavior, actions, interactions with others that re-affirm their gender role/prototype expected by the society.
• Altruism and/or Narcissism:
When analyzing from the perspective of this term, you may consider if the character(s) of your chosen texts are selfless or
self-centered; how much do they care about others.
E102/ 103: Final Analysis Essay _ Fall 2020 K. Yegoryan
Essay Due on Canvas by December 20, 2020 midnight

The Critical/ Theoretical Analysis Essay:

• Should have an academic essay structure: Introduction, Body Paragraphs, and a Conclusion
• Should be 3.5- 4.5 pages typed/ double spaced/ Times New Roman 12 font
• Should be analyzing 2 works in terms of 2 themes/ theories
• Should refer to at least one of the critical theories we discussed in this course and should
mention at least one theorist.
• Should refer to the Primary Sources/ the 2 texts you chose. It should have to support
information, quotes, examples/references from the sources considered for the analysis.
• Should also have at least 2 (max 4) Secondary Sources researched to support your claims
The secondary sources may include:
v Credible texts / electronic sources such as an article, book, journal, scholarly essay,
encyclopedia, etc. (* At least 2 credible sources)
* Use Google Scholar, or Academic databases of LAVC Library.
v Our course materials (example Theory Handouts, PowerPoints, lecture notes)
(but no more than 1 website information searched via regular search engines)
• It should use MLA format for in-text citations and a Works Cited page


You can choose any of these examples or come up with your own selection:
Critical Analysis of the short stories “The Lottery” and “The Story of an Hour” in terms of irony and expected
gender roles.
Critical Analysis of the short stories “The Lottery” and “The Chaser” in terms of symbolism (semiotics) and
Power-Privilege ideologies imposed through gender.
Critical Analysis of the short stories “The Lottery” and “The Chaser” terms of Narcissism and the “Cult of the true womanhood” patriarchal expectation.
Critical Analysis of the short stories “Two Kinds” and “The Lottery” in terms of symbolism (semiotics) and
Capitalist ideologies.
* I will also show some samples and we will discuss all the details!
E102/ 103: Final Analysis Essay _ Fall 2020 K. Yegoryan
Essay Due on Canvas by December 20, 2020 midnight
Grading Rubric

Analysis Essay is 45 points

• Academic structure/Paragraph Organization and balance 5p
• Length (3-4.5 pages)- 1p
• 2 X 2 ratio (2 Texts/Primary Sources x 2 Theories/ themes)- 2p
• Thesis Statement (1 or 2 sentences)- 5p
• Introducing the primary sources (brief summary)- 5p
• Mentioning at least 1 theorist-2p
• Application of themes: Referring to Primary sources (ref. or quote) 5p
• A min of 2 Credible- Secondary sources- 5p
• MLA Format and In-text citation 5p
• Works Cited page-5p
• Mechanics-5p

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