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e. Do provide references for your resources as support for your answers. Include web addresses for articles or include the citation in APA 6th edition format so the other students can obtain the article. f. Avoid posting or making statements that do not contribute to the discussions. g. Do not plagiarize your readings by copying them into your discussion statements. You will not receive credit for plagiarism and your integrity will be questioned. h. Consider the postings on the discussion board and the presenting of cases in the classroom to be an exercise of communicating medical knowledge to peers in an organized manner using appropriate medical terminology. Scholarly Intervention Paper (Critique a Nursing Research Article) Click on the “Signature Assignment” on Black board to access. Despite research on the prevention and treatment of mental disorders, new emerging issues such as dementia, mood disorder, physical, mental, and psychological trauma continues to pose a challenge to our Veterans, people in the communities and older adults. Review and critique a nursing research article addressing evidence-based intervention on any mental health issues or concerns. Address the aspects bulleted below: Introduction including thesis statement, goals and purpose of the study? Identify the theoretical framework used to explore the problem and discuss if it was appropriate for the research Discuss the design, samples, setting of the study, and interventions, including dependent and independent variables Analyze the strength and weakness of the study? How could the findings and recommendations of the study guide and contribute to evidence-based mental health practice? Discuss ethical issues associated with the study Summary/Conclusion

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