Three generational project


choose three individuals from three different cohort to interview. prepare at least 10 open ended interview questions. interview your three subjects.make sure to allow proper time and set interview in place where distraction will be minimal. in 4-6 paged, typed, double spaced paper, you will compare and contrast the three subjects responses. introduce your three subjects.provide demographics Information Age, gender, race, and ethinicity, sexual orientation (if applicable ).pay attention to what historical, cultural, and societal events may have shaped your subjects opinions and sure to discuss whether their behavior ,attitude,actions followed the norm of their time period example like where they fit on the social clock.essentially, you are looking for similarities and differences in point of view and experiences between cohort and explained reasons for these should also explain how their current developmental stage play a role. The paper should be an integrative one. it is not simply the questions and answers in a bullet format, instead, you should look at a whole chosen theme and summarize your overall findings. support your summary with quotes and background.

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