To be an efficient and effective manager

Well, you’re done with the class. You should now understand what managers and business owners speak like, write like, and think about all the time. Hopefully you gained some insights into how YOU can be a more efficient and effective manager for someone else’s business or your own.


Managers manage the ‘Business Model” which is…..” EVERYTHING” ….that is employed in the operation of the business.

It is Management’s job to provide: the vision, mission, location(s), equipment, raw materials, methods, practices, legal structure, controls, strategies, policies and procedures, security, employees (Labor), and everything those employees need to produce and deliver a product or service to targeted customers.

Management positions include: the Business Owner, President, CEO’s, CFO’s, COO’s VP’s, Directors, General Managers, Division Managers, Department Managers, and Supervisors.

In this class you have heard the presentations of no less than 78 management professionals on a full range of management functions. You have reflected on and analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of your previous managers who were charged with performance of the management functions: Planning, Decision Making, Organizing, Staffing, Controlling, Communicating, Motivating and Leading.You have analyzed and written more than 85 personnel responses to managerial issues relative to application of the management functions from YOUR perspective as a manager. You should have compiled a host of terms which comprise the language of professional management. Use that language when you speak and write! It is how other management professionals will EXPECT you to communicate and collaborate.

It has been a pleasure seeing you expand your viewpoints and paradigms on management. There is always more to learn and master. However, you should feel confident that you have the basics to effectively interact and hold a conversation at any managerial level.

And now just one more response: What are a couple of perspectives or ideas you will take away from the class concerning your own professional development relative to:

1) Planning

2) Decision Making

3) Organizing

4) Staffing

5) Communicating

6) Motivating

7) Leading

8) Controlling

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