top challenges in each of Nike’s internal and external environment

Case Nike Inc
Nike’s intent is to be a company that “stands for something meaningful”— considering Nike’s vision, mission, and values, what does this intent mean? How have various stakeholders reacted to NIke’s intent?
Discuss how the external environment such as political, economic, sociocultural, technological, ecological, and legal factors may affect Nike’s business model. Which factor(s) are more important for NIke to consider as it moves forward? Why?
Conduct a competitive assessment of Nike and the industry using a SWOT analysis.
How has NIke created and maintained competitive advantage since the creation of the business? How can the organization continue be ahead of its competition? Provide a few examples of opportunities/ideas that Nike could implement.
Considering Nike’s success and failures with technological innovations, what are some areas where the company could expand or contract?
Identify the top challenges in each of Nike’s internal and external environments, and suggest how CEO John Donahoe may address them

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