Topic: The Travels of Marco Polo

1) Explain the debate regarding the accuracy of Marco Polo’s account. What are the problems with Marco Polo’s account? How was it been redeemed as an accurate historical account?(120words)

2) How is Marco Polo’s account unique when compared to preceding accounts of the world? How is Marco Polo’s perspective unique when compared to those of his contemporaries? How does this tie in with the doubt over the accuracy of his account?(120words)

3) What impact did Marco Polo’s account make on World History? How does this tie in with his unique perspective? (120words)

4) What does Marco Polo tell us about the Mongols? How does his description of the Mongols differ from the common European assumptions of these pastoral warriors? (120words)

5) What is Marco Polo’s perspective of Kublai Khan and his rule over China? What does Marco tell us about the Chinese populace under Mongol control? What Eastern innovations or technologies does Marco introduce Europeans to?(120words)

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