Transitional Care Application: Roles and Organizational Structure/ discusions questions


Transitional Care Application: Roles and Organizational Structure Navigation Instructions Open the Allied Health Community media application and click “Enter.” You will then be brought to a screen with three options (Scenarios, Profiles, Timelines) for this course you will click on “Scenarios.” You will see a number of different scenarios for this class. Scroll down and click into “Leadership in Health Care.” Close instructions dialogue box. On the map you will see a number of different buildings. Hover your cursor over the buildings to see the pop-out label and choose a building that matches assignment. For this week you will locate and click into the “Transitional Care” on the left hand side of the map. Select the green “I” icon. You will see one Transitional Care Scenario pull up, please click on it and choose to Download Full Scenario. Assignment Instructions Access the “Allied Health Community” media. Read the Transitional Care Scenario for this course and complete the following assignment: Put yourself in Kaila’s shoes. As a new CEO of an organization, you have recognized that designation of power has been an issue in the past. As a result, this is creating obstacles for you and your vision. Create a plan of action in an essay format of 300 to 500 words that you would use to regain control of the organization and employees, while still moving forward with a specific vision. In the plan, include: 1.How will you differentiate the daily duties between your roles as a manager and a leader? Provide clear separation of duties. 2.What are the sources of power within the organization and how does it determine the organizational structure? 3.Discuss how you will address the management issues present with the existing staff as well as the CFO and CIO. 4.Discuss a leadership style you will use to move the organization into a plan that will implement a shared network. Two Discussions questions please everything separate add reference the bottom. 1.Can you name three tasks which you feel that a healthcare leader must accomplish to promote quality and success of the healthcare organization. 2. Now that we have examined the relationship between Maslow’s hierarchy and the success of the healthcare leader, what is your view on the potential association between the potential needs of the healthcare organization and the healthcare leader’s ability and willingness to develop the necessary strategies to meet or exceed those needs? (Hint: think of the standard goals versus the standard barriers of the healthcare system).

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