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Do you offer this type of service? Following is an assignment I have to complete. Kind regards. Barbara Make a spider diagram about your area of research interest. If you have not yet identified a specific research focus, this is an excellent opportunity to explore some possibilities. If you already have a research question identified, this exercise will give you the chance to think critically and deeply about your work in progress. You may need to rewrite or edit it a couple of times before you reach a ‘final’ (for now!) version. You are strongly encouraged to draft the diagram on a whiteboard or with a pencil and paper, rather than on a screen. You may take a picture of your final diagram if it is on paper or a whiteboard (just make sure it’s legible!), or you may transfer it to an electronic format. A 450-word-maximum explanation/reflection in which you (1.) explain your research question(s) you used for this activity and (2.) discuss the process of drafting and revising the diagram and what you learnbcqed from doing the exercise.

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