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The Essay should be  5 pages, typed and double spaced. There is no need to include a title page or section for your name and class information since Canvas keeps track of that. Focus your analysis on the content, which needs to include a clear thesis statement, evidence and facts that support the thesis, proper citation and a conclusion that summarizes your argument. Write your essay as if you were addressing a larger audience that knows nothing about the subject and you are writing to convince them of your position. The first paragraph should clearly state your position and a sentence or two about each of the main points you intend to discuss as support for your position. The paragraphs that follow should be a discussion of your main points and should include an analysis (an explanation of how and why these points support your position) of the facts and referencing of the sources within your essay. The last paragraph (the conclusion) should be a summation of the points that support your position. The Treaty of Versailles ended World War I, but many historians consider the treaty controversial because of its stipulations that may have led to the Great Depression and/or World War II. Answer one of the following questions: Did the stipulations of the Treaty of Versailles play a role in creating the global Great Depression, why or why not? Consider American and European economic policies and reference the pertinent articles of the treaty. Did the stipulations of the Treaty of Versailles “create” an environment in Europe that led to World War II, why or why not? Consider if/how specific articles influenced and shaped the political and social climate in Europe prior to the war and cite specific articles.   From the Treaty of Versailles focus on Articles 10 & 11 which deal with the League of Nations; Articles 51, 52, 81, 87 &116 which focus on German land cessions; Articles 159, 160, 173, 177 & 198 concerning German military forces and Articles 231 and 232 which deal with German reparations. As you look at the articles note that some deal with economic sanctions and matters while others deal with national sovereignty issues. Also review relevant information from Chapter 9 and the first part of Chapter 11 in the course text. Draft an essay that is chronologically event based that clearly demonstrates cause and effect linkage leading to the Depression and/or World War II that either supports or invalidates this notion. Within your essay discuss the overall status of the United States and major European nations in the post World War I era with regard to social, economic, political and military conditions that may have influenced these events. Reference other pertinent documents, readings, maps, charts and graphs to support your position.   Helpful Sources American Civilization, A Brief History: Ch 7-11 (Course Text) The Versailles Treaty

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