Trial and Death of Socrates

Response Paper #1 Ground Rules: Papers must be 3 pages full in length, not including work cited or cover, double-spaced, 12-Point, Times New Roman, with 1” margins all around. All sources must be used. Euthyphro, Apology, and Crito individually

Do not restate the prompt below on the first page of your paper.

Question: The Trial and Death of Socrates has been regarded by political theorists as a key moment, or foundational story, in the history of ideas. They also show us how difficult it was for Athenians to get on board with Socrates’ project. • What do the dialogues of Euthyphro, Apology, and Crito individually try to tell us about philosophy as a social and political activity? • How do the dialogues complement each other? • Of the three dialogues, which do you find most compelling and why?

Helpful Hints, or, What Will It Take to Write a Great Paper

1. You Must Have An Argumentative Thesis Statement: Political theory is about demonstrating both historical and textual knowledge. Your paper should address what we know about Socrates, his context, his supporters and detractors, all in the process of defending a specific claim that answers the questions above. State this clearly in your first paragraph.

2. You Must Have Textual Evidence: Any good paper in political theory will contain ample and well-chosen textual evidence. That means you will have numerous, but brief textual citations to demonstrate the strength of your thesis. Apart from lectures, no outside sources should be used. Use parenthetical citations with relevant page numbers from our text (e.g., Plato 57).

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