Uganda’s Revenue Agency Case

As announced in class, use the YouTube clip (Uganda’s Revenue Agency Case) posted on your BB then, consult relevant literature of Organizational Behavior and Uganda-as a case- to develop answers the follows:
  1. Analyze and describe the sources of Inefficiencies of the URA? (Load 25%)
  2. Analyze and explain how did the Commission General arrived at ‘what needs to be done’ to resolve inefficiencies? What is your opinion about that? (Load 25%)
  3. Explain the impact of the method(s) suggested by the Commission General and adopted on the effectiveness of the URA? (Load 25%)
  4. Form an argument to explain the potential impact of the change in the URA’s effectiveness on the society. (Load 25%)

General guidelines:

  • Please use Booth et al. (2000) to construct your arguments and deliver your points/answer. Your personal opinions are valuable when employed as part of a well-constructed argument. So, please use relevant frames of reference (from the literature) to form your answers.
  • Please cite and reference your work according to APA referencing style.
  • You can consult any other published information about the URA or Uganda to complement the You Tube clip.




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