Understanding Diversity through Children’s Literature


Based on the range of titles explored in class and upon your own reading, create an annotated  portfolio of children’s literature. This will be a range of titles that celebrate diversity and must  include picture books, junior fiction, young adult fiction and sophisticated picturebooks. At least one  in each “category” must be a title written and published in Aotearoa New Zealand. A minimum of 8 titles to be included in the portfolio. Your annotation should view and critique children’s literature (oral, written, visual and  multi-modal) as a vehicle to learn about children’s lives expressed through culture and  context. Some questions to consider: • How does the text speak to the different discourses (i.e. the political, pedagogical and/or  ideological discourses)? • Who is privileged by the text/who is not? • What is hidden/revealed? • What prior knowledge do you as the reader need? • Does the story challenge norms • How is diversity represented in the stories you choose?

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