Unfair Labor Practices

ULP Group Discussion
After reading Dilts, D. (2007). Case 15: Discharge for disruptive conduct, or for protected Union activity?, your group should come to a consensus as to the issues involved (i.e., critical issues: Is it a ULP? Why or why not?). You can include a dissenting opinion for this case if you cannot achieve a consensus.

Submit that consensus in a brief group essay (500 word minimum).

Were company rules No. 18 and 29 in violation of NLRA?
Employees at times write articles or letters for newspapers openly critical of their employers. Should it make any difference in this case that Fuller himself was an editorial employee of a newspaper?
Although Fuller wrote and published the “offensive” article on his own time, was his conduct protected under Section 7 of LMRA?
Do you believe Fuller’s discharge for rules violations was a pretext for terminating him because of his pro-union activities?

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