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The financial world has been thoroughly changed after the economic crisis of 2008 with among other things, a record low interest rate with a market regime change (Guo, Chen & Huang, 2011; Caballero, 2010; Hein & Truger, 2012) resulted in a different risk appetite (Chaplinksy & Gupta-Mukherjee, 2016). The amount of seed investments plays a significant role in the creation of jobs (Gompers, Gornall, Kaplan & Strebulaev, 2020). Although portfolio size, VC fund size and vintage year were able to determine the seed investment activity prior to the crisis (Dimov & Murray, 2007), insights gained prior to the crisis could be less relevant in a post-crisis world. Therefore, this paper will conduct a pre and post-crisis analysis on the seed investment activity. Based on the research aim, the following research question has been formulated: β€œTo what extent does portfolio size, VC size, VC vintage year influence the seed investment activity in a post-crisis regime compared to pre-crisis regime?” The outcome of this study will emphasize the relevancy of the variables in a post-crisis world that could help policy makers to determine how to stimulate the seed investment activity that eventually create more jobs. The conceptual model (Figure 1) is a logical sequenbcqce of the research question and objective.

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