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Web Application Security in Academic Institutions.

Please create a minium 20-page thesis paper based on the abstract and the topic. Please reference the sources that you use in the literature review.


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Web Application Security in Academic Institutions

Software and web applications influence almost every part of our daily life.  One of the areas where web applications are frequently used is in academic institutions such as colleges and universities for a variety of academic purposes. Since academic web pages contain sensitive information, securing the educational system as well as the information contained in them is as important as securing an e-banking system. Unfortunately, most Academic institutions have not placed the much-needed emphasis on securing their web pages. Most web applications used by universities and colleges are still vulnerable to certain types of risks and external attacks. This study explores the vulnerabilities associated with the educational web applications system. The main goal of this research paper is to raise digital security awareness among academic institutions by identifying the main vulnerabilities in academic institutions’ web pages and show how malicious actors can take advantage of these vulnerabilities to gain authorized access and cause damages to the entire system.  The research also measures the variations of web application security levels in academic institutions based on standards set by recognized organizations. Finally, various recommendationsfor protecting academic institutions’ websites are provided.   This will be achieved by conducting an analysis of web application audits for several academic institutions across the country including colleges, universities and research institutions.  A look into existing research reveals numerous vulnerabilities found in academic institutions’ web applications. The degree of using certain types of security technologies to protect web applications from certain types of threats is also exposed. This research will provide a new awakening on how we look at academic institutions’ IT infrastructure security.

Keywords:  Academic Institutions, security, web applications.

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