Wells Fargo Account Fraud Scandal


Term Paper The general elements and structure of the research paper should include: Must follow APA format. Title page Abstract with keyword Introduction with a research question (what are you exploring?) Body with discussion and analysis Conclusion References. 6-10 pages not including title page, abstract page, contents, or reference page Remember to include: Name of company Description/Background of the business (example: service/manufacturing, global/domestic, publicly-traded/private, location, products, services, Mission Statement) An analysis using MANAGEMENT THEORIES as the basis of the case you are building. Option 1 Select an organization that was involved in a negative incident involving questionable ethical behavior or poor social responsibility Potential points you may want to use: Description of the Incident How did the organization handle the situation? What theoretical framework were they using, if any? What theoretical framework should they have been using? Does the Team believe the organization handled the situation correctly? Based on the theory, what should they have done? ***Link your findings to textbook material – Daft, R. & Marcic, D. (2017). Understanding management. Cengage Learning, Boston. *** Chapter is attached for textbook material reference and in-text citation

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