Western civilization: liberalism

• Using the documents, you are to accomplish the following tasks in a paper of 4-8 pages address the following 3 objectives:

For each 19th century ideology listed (liberalism, conservatism, feminism, Marxism, socialism, capitalism):

1. Identify the major ideas the ideology espouses.

2. Use the documents provided to support the ideas identified above. For example: if you are describing the main ideas of conservatism, you should read the documents about conservatism and quote from them to support the idea you are writing about.

3. Next you must connect the ideology to history. So answer the following question: Historically, how did the ideologies influence Western Civilization? (You can focus on the 19th century unless you know a bit about the last century). For example, clearly Marxism resulted from the Industrial Revolution. Explain how.

4. Decide which ideology you favor and explain why.

5. You must pull information from the documents. Quote directly and oideologften.

Searching for alternative sources is frankly unnecessary. You may use the textbook to unnecessary. You may use the textbook to supplement your paper, but you must make copious use of the documents. This assessment requires students to read and use the words of the thinkers of the 19th century. Pure generalization without necessary evidence will result in a failing grade.

Standard 12-point font and double spaced. A bibliography is required but you need only list the documents that you utilized in the paper. Again, this should be obvious, as you will need to quote often from them to buttress your argument. Use internal citations when quoting a document. Example: Marx intimated that 19th century society was ready for revolutionary change when he stated “the history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggle” (Marx p.1)

double check grammar! Make sure quotes make sense and they are not random also include an outline and make sure the articles match the citations. This an not be all over the place. The essay has to match I will be double checking. Everything will be provided. No outside sources. Only the sources provided.

mla format

Quotes must come from articles then must be explained in own words only using the information from the textbook and or articles plagarism free with report at the end. Grammar and organization.

I will be posting the articles and textbook pages in a moment just follow all directions and you will be fine you are not answering the questions like last time but doing research based on the articles I’ll send you my outline as an example but you must quote directly and explain only using the sources given no outside resources and bibliography at the end thank you

Outline as example I’ll upload the articles in a moment

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